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Sell your Philly home with South Philly Team

Sell Your Home In Philly

Selling a home is difficult no matter where you live – now add Philly’s 150+ neighborhoods into the mix and selling a Philly home can seem impossible! While Philly’s diversity and rich culture and history make it a fantastic place to live, these same factors can make it tricky to sell your Philly home. But with the help of South Philly Real Estate Team, it can be easy to sell Philly home. Our 15 years of experience with Philly’s various local real estate markets and access to professional grade tools will take the headache out of selling Philly home.

Selling Philly Home

One of the most powerful tools we have access to as real estate professionals is the Bright MLS listing service, which hosts listings that all the major real estate sites draw from. By uploading your home’s listing to the Bright MLS, your listing will be pulled and uploaded to all the biggest sites without having to do so manually and without the need to double-check that you’ve caught them all! But first we’ll provide you with a comparative market analysis to value your home in the contemporary local market and create a marketing plan that’ll ensure the most eyes land on your home’s listing as is possible. South Philly Team is committed to making the process of selling your Philly home stress-free, and that means handling the final negotiations with the buyer to ensure that you get the most for selling Philly home.

An Overview of Philly

It’s true that Philly has over 150 unique neighborhoods, but it’s also home to 100 suburbs and a staggering 1.6 million people! So, it’s critical to understand and corner your niche when selling your Philly home. When you work with us to sell Philly home, we’ll put all the expertise and knowledge we’ve gained from our over 15 years’ worth of experience to work for you. We’re well-versed in selling Philly home, so we know how to connect the right buyers with your listing to sell your Philly home faster and without the stress.

Whether home-buying hopefuls are looking for breathtaking riverfront vistas or exciting city skylines, we know just where to place them. Philly has something to offer everyone, which is why it’s the 6th most populous state in the country. From ample greenspace (300 neighborhood parks and counting, 60 community gardens, and over 150 miles of foot and bike paths) for those needing a less industrial feel, to a food scene that’s as almost as varied as a map of Philly’s neighborhoods – there’s something for a buyer to fall in love with no matter where you go. Many neighborhoods are packed with history, enticing those who seek a connection with the nation’s storied past.

Additionally, Philly is popular for those who don’t want to rely on a car. Nearly every neighborhood is easily navigable on foot, supporting those who want to take a leisurely stroll to explore their new neighborhood. Bus routes wind throughout every neighborhood, or else very nearby, making public transit an easy choice for those unable to walk. And, with multiple stations connecting neighborhoods to Center City, the excitement of Philly’s heart is never too far away. When you’re ready to sell your Philly home, connect with us at South Philly Team and let us do the heavy lifting.

Selling Home In Philly

Selling A Philly Home

Selling your Philly home shouldn’t be a headache. And, with the support of the real estate professionals at South Philly Team, it won’t be! We have the experience and knowledge of Philly’s patchwork of neighborhoods necessary to sell Philly home with ease. See how easy selling a Philly home can be by filling out our New Home Seller Form online or by calling us at (215) 360-3434. We offer our home evaluation services at no cost to you and encourage you to connect with us if you’re thinking about possibly selling your Philly home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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