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Moving from Philly to NYC?

It’s never easy taking the leap to a brand new city but moving from Philly to NYC should prove an easier transition than you might expect. While both Philadelphia and New York City boast their own distinct culture, the City of Brotherly Love and the Big Apple have enough in common to mitigate the worst of the culture shock. If you’re looking to take the plunge and head out of Philly for NYC, reach out to South Philly Real Estate Team and let our agents make selling your home the least of your worries.

More big city feeling in NYC

New York City is famously condensed, with most of the city boroughs being incredibly walkable or otherwise supported by robust public transit options like the NYC subway. NYC is nearly eight times as populated as Philly, with around 8.47 million residents compared to Philly’s approximate 1.58 million! But with so many people clustered together in one place, it’s no wonder that NYC has a reputation for being a phenomenal place to begin building your career and organically developing industry contacts. True to its big city nature, NYC runs on a different timer than other American cities, and you’ll be able to enjoy a kind of 24-hr lifestyle you’re not likely to find anywhere else, with more restaurants and services being available in the early hours and late into the night. If you’re looking to jump into a fast-paced, always buzzing lifestyle, sell your current home with the professional support of South Philly Team.

Experience the sights of NYC

While the vibe of NYC differs from Philly, you’ll find that much of the scenery feels more familiar than not! NYC is situated on the Hudson River, so those who love the waterfront views along the Delaware River don’t have to worry about losing that scenic treasure –you might just have to travel a bit to get a clear view of the Hudson. NYC and Philly have fairly similar climates, although you can expect NYC to be about five degrees cooler than Philly on average. If you’re into man-made landmarks, NYC is home to plenty that are sure to thrill you. From the famous Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, you’ll also find St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Grand Central Station to be particularly notable for their eye-catching architecture.

Sell your home with none of the hassle

Selling your home should be the least of your concerns when you’re looking to move to a new state. South Philly Team knows you’ll be busy hunting for the neighborhood in NYC that’s the best fit for you and that you shouldn’t have to manage both buying a new home and selling your old one at the same time. We have 15 years of experience in contract negotiation, marketing, and relationship building that will make selling your Philly home simple and seamless for you, empowering you to focus more on finding your new home in NYC. We’ll work hard to ensure that you get the best price possible for home, all so that you can hit the NYC city streets with a little extra cash to get a little taste of what your new NYC neighborhood has to offer when you arrive!

Get expert help to sell your home

As part of our strategy, South Philly Team uses the Bright MLS system to list your home, which allows you to bypass manually uploading your listing to all the biggest and most popular real estate platforms and get more eyes on your home faster. At South Philly Team, we have a proven track record of client satisfaction and encourage you to review the testimonials past clients have left for us to get a sense of our dedication for yourself. We’re confident that we can make selling your home an easy and positive experience – even during the tumultuous time of moving to a new state! Just fill out our New Home Seller form or give us a call at (215) 360-3434 to discuss selling your home. Let South Philly Team help you make your relocation as seamless as possible and reach out today.


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