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Moving from Philly to New Jersey?

Beautiful beaches and a generous coastline, plus easy commuter access to industry hubs like Philly and NYC, New Jersey has a lot to love for those seeking new sights and excitement! If you’re ready to hop state lines and head out from Philly to New Jersey, don’t let selling your home be the headache that keeps you from focusing on settling into your new life! South Philly Real Estate Team is ready to help you sell your Philly home smoothly and hassle-free.

The more things change…

When first checking out the real estate market in New Jersey, you might experience some sticker shock at the differential between Philly and New Jersey home prices. On average, New Jersey homes are quite a bit more expensive than those in Philly, and as a result the cost of living is about 37.5% more expensive. The average income, however, is also higher than it is in New Jersey. But that’s not all that’s different! New Jersey offers you the chance to check out some of the east coast’s most beautiful sandy beaches from the charming locale of any of the over 100 towns and villages that line the coast. Alternatively, you can head south to experience the more than 1.1 million acres of Pine Barrens, a forested wetland, to maybe catch a glimpse at some of the rare and endangered plants and animals that call it home.

The more they stay the same

Acclimating to New Jersey won’t take you too long, however, as the temperature difference is usually only a few degrees whether you’re talking about the summer highs or the winter lows. New Jersey might get about an inch more rain, but it’s similar enough that you’re likely to feel right at home after leaving Philly. New Jersey gets about ten more inches of snow annually – around 23 to Philly’s 13 – so make sure that you’re prepared for the winter when it rolls around! And, if you’re ever feeling homesick, New Jersey is within commuting distance of Philly, so you can always make a day trip out of a visit.

Sell your Philly home without the stress

It’s stressful enough to figure out the logistics of moving out of state without also having to worry about selling your Philly home. At South Philly Team, we want to help you focus on what really matters – finding a new home in a New Jersey town or city that you really love – by helping you sell your home in Philly. And, with 15 years of contract negotiation, marketing, and relationship building experience, we have the expertise and know-how to make selling your Philly home hassle-free. We work hard to ensure that you get the best price possible for your old home in Philly, all so that you can have a little extra pocket cash when you finally hit the New Jersey boardwalk. Let us figure out the details of selling your old home in Philly while you’re out getting to know your new one.

Enjoy professional support when selling your Philly home

South Philly Team uses the Bright MLS system when selling your home, empowering you to forego adding your listing to the largest and most popular real estate platforms by hand and get your listing seen by more prospective buyers even faster. We’re proud to say that we also have a proven track record of client satisfaction and have the testimonials from prior clients to back it up. You can get in touch with us by filling out our New Home Seller form or by giving us a call at (215) 360-3434 to discuss how we can support your relocation by selling your Philly home. Don’t let selling your home in Philly make your move to your new New Jersey home any more stressful than it has to be! Get in touch with South Philly Team and we’ll help you sell your home with none of the stress.

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