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Featured Pizzeria: Dough Head

@doughheadpizza on Instagram | New pizzeria directly across from Pat's & Geno's. They sell quality slices and pies and the best part.....they're open Late Night!

Opened in August 2022, Dough Head is a pizzeria that is directly across from Pat's and Geno's located at 833 Wharton St. The beauty of this place is threefold: 1) they sell slices, 2) the slices are tasty and quality, 3) they are open late on the weekends for you to grab a slice after the bars.

In our humble opinion, there are decent pizzerias in South Philly selling slices, but by no means do they stay open late enough on a weekend to enjoy after a few pops. Dough Head is really the only pizzeria that has catered to a late-night crowd all while providing delicious pies and slices.

Today we went in there are grabbed a French Onion Slice along with a Grandma Slice with Pepperoni and Pesto. Both slices were fantastic. We could have gone back and grabbed two more of each. Alas, we must wait until next time.

Stop in and check them out, get a slice or two, order a whole pie or two and enjoy an alternative, dare I say - cheaper option to the late-night cheesesteak.


Vinny Fracassi aka South Philly Vinny

215-360-3434 (cell)


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