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Featured Distillery: Otto Distillery Co

@ottodistilling on Instagram | South Philly’s first distillery, focusing on small batch, handcrafted Rum

On a hot day, last Friday, we at the South Philly Team decided to head over to 17th & McKean to check out Otto Distilling Co - South Philly’s first distillery, focusing on small batch, handcrafted Rum. Upon arrival, we were greeted very kindly by the owner and proprietor Tim Haas. Tim opened up shop back in August 2022 and has had his hand in distilling spirits since 2018. Out of the gate, Tim offered us samples of a few different Rums that he put together. We ended up trying the Coffee Rum (game changer) and the Plum Rum (has a nice ring to it and it was delicious).

I ended up going with the Plum Rum and Soda, Pam ended up getting the Cafe Otto. That Coffee Rum is something special. I would have gotten the Cafe Otto, but then I would have been up all night. It's worth going down there for the Coffee Rum alone.

Tim, the owner was very friendly, welcoming, and made the experience extremely pleasant. He has tables set up to sit outside and you're welcome to tour the distilling area. All and all, the Rum is killer, it is a very cool place and it's in a cool location (it's located on S. Colorado St right behind the Rowhouse Grocery Store.) Go down there, drink some local Rum and support a local business.

Vinny Fracassi aka South Philly Vinny

215-360-3434 (cell)


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