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Queen Village Real Estate

Modern Personality in a Historic Setting

If you’re looking to buy a home in the oldest residential neighborhood in Philadelphia, our Keller Williams real estate agents in Queen Village have got you covered. With its waterfront location on the Delaware River, historic architecture and charm, and modern city life and energy, Queen Village is a hotspot for dining, shopping, and living alike. This neighborhood guide is your ticket to the Keller Williams Real Estate Queen Village Inside Look into the South Philly property search: Queen Village.

Buy or Sell a Home in Queen Village, Philadelphia

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A Colorful and Eclectic South Philly Energy Queen Village Philadelphia

Although the buildings may be old, the atmosphere is nothing but lively. With its emphasis on fashion, food, and fun all within walking or biking distance, it’s no wonder Queen Village is an energetic bubble of city life.


And its rich history is not lost in the modern hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, with sites like Fabric Row on 4th Street still thriving today. Not only is this location iconic for its many fabric shops, but it is also home to some of the area’s most popular shopping and dining establishments.

Queen Village offers a great combination of natural parks and retail space. Its section of 2nd Street boasts some well-maintained public green space to the south, and in the opposite direction it features Headhouse Square, which is a historic open space that hosts a slew of well-loved bars, eateries, and Philly’s own Headhouse Farmers Market. Other historic highlights include the Sparks Shot Tower, the Nathaniel Irish House, Widow Maloby’s Tavern, and the South Front Street Historic District. Queen Village won’t let you forget its abundant history or its location in the city, but it will let you enjoy how it meshes with the present day and the more natural side of Philadelphia.


Zoom in on Queen Village

In addition to the gorgeous yet homey architecture of the South Philly homes for sale in Queen Village, this neighborhood is also home to the oldest building still standing in Philadelphia: Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church. This location has been considered a National Historic Site since 1942, and it takes after the Swedish people who originally settled in the area. Queen Village is actually named after Queen Christina of Sweden!

Education is a top priority in Queen Village, especially with schools like Meredith Elementary. It is one of the most well-known public schools in all of Philadelphia, given that it is well-funded and that it takes so much pride in its students' achievements. In addition to successful schools, the Santore Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia offers accessible education to the public.

Find it in Queen Village

There are several SEPTA bus routes that run through the area. Parking can be a bit of a struggle in such a well-loved area, but Queen Village is easily navigable by foot or bicycle.


Queen Village Real Estate Market Snapshot

Our Keller Williams realtors in Queen Village are ready to provide you with more information about the South Philly homes for sale in Queen Village right now! Connect with us via our website or give us a call today.

Vinny Fracassi Queen Village Realtor

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