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Sell your Newbold home with South Philly Team

Sell Your Home In Newbold

It doesn’t take long for home sellers – newbies and veterans alike – to realize how difficult it can be to sell Newbold home in Philadelphia! It’s not called “the city of neighborhoods” for nothing, after all. Unfortunately, the same texture and richness of variety that makes Philadelphia a great place to live can also make it unnecessarily difficult to sell your Newbold home. South Philly Real Estate Team is here to help you overcome that difficulty; we have 15 years of experience with the local markets and guarantee that you’ll sell Newbold home without any of the usual hassle.

Selling Newbold Home

With our breadth of experience and access to expert-grade tools, we’re able to make selling a Newbold home simple. Rather than posting your home’s listing to each of the biggest real estate sites, we use the Bright MLS listing service to ensure that your listing is uploaded to the service all those aforementioned sites pull from – so we won’t miss any by accident. Of course, that’s after we’ve performed a comparative market analysis of your home and devised a marketing plan that will get the most home-buying hopefuls’ eyes on it as possible. Our goal is to help you make the most of selling Newbold home, and to do so without putting you through the ringer typically associated with the home selling and buying process. As part of our commitment to you, we handle the final negotiations with the buyer, guaranteeing that the price you get for selling your Newbold home is the best it can be.

An Overview of Newbold

Just about anybody will tell you – it all comes down to location! This is true of selling Newbold home, too. Buyers are oftentimes just as interested in their potential new neighborhood as they are their new home, so it’s important to know just what makes Newbold special before you begin selling a Newbold home. What makes Newbold a great pick for homebuyers is, of course, its location! Bordered by Broad St, 18th St, Washington Ave, and Passyunk Ave, Newbold boasts a great central location to many of Philadelphia’s most exciting destinations.

Newbold is also a great neighborhood for families or those looking to start a family. This class of buyer will be interested in the many different playgrounds and schools (both public and charter) that serve the neighborhood. Almost anywhere you go in Philadelphia will, naturally, have its own exciting dining options, and Newbold’s no different with fare from Station Bar and Grill or Second District. What’s exceptional is that residents can take advantage of the neighborhood’s proximity to so many other exciting dining destinations, such as Burrata or Ember and Ash in nearby Passyunk Square.

Like many of Philadelphia's neighborhoods, Newbold is exceptionally navigable on foot and has well-maintained and -lit sidewalks for those who like to explore the neighborhood at night. The Broad St Line connects residents to Center City and Philadelphia at large, making Newbold a destination for professionals who need to make frequent commutes into the city. Newbold is also supported by multiple bus stops throughout the neighborhood, offering residents even more options for those needing to get around the area. It’s important to know what buyers are looking for when selling your Newbold home. With South Philly Team’s expertise and knowledge of the market, selling Newbold home can be hassle-free.

Selling Home In Newbold

Sell A Home In Newbold With South Philly Team

South Philly Team is committed to providing you with a positive, stress-free experience when you sell your Newbold home with us. Our familiarity with market trends and the Newbold neighborhood enables us to market your home to more of the right buyers with none of the usual fuss. Fill out our online New Home Seller Form or call us at (215) 360-3434 to start the process of selling your Newbold home – or just to get in touch if you have any questions about the process! Our home evaluation services are free, so we encourage you to take advantage when you’re thinking about selling a Newbold home.

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