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Moving from New Jersey to Philly?

No matter what your reason for leaving New Jersey, there’s no denying that Philly is a great choice of city for your new home. It’s difficult enough to give up the Jersey Shore without adding the stress of finding a new home in Philly to the pile, so make sure to partner with a real estate team that will help make your transition as easy as possible. South Philly Real Estate Team has the familiarity necessary with Philly’s many, many neighborhoods to help you find the new home that will make you feel right at home.

It's About Location

Philly enjoys a fantastic location, with New York City, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Atlantic City, and Delaware all being within just a two-hour drive of the city. There are other transit options available as well, such as the train or bus, if you’d prefer to just sit back and enjoy the scenery on your trip. And, while Philly doesn’t enjoy the same oceanfront views as much of New Jersey, you’re sure to appreciate the Delaware River waterfront vistas and the proximity of the popular Bellmawr Lake if you’d like a natural spot to swim. New Jersey gets about ten inches more snow in the winter – the Philly winters might seem almost mild in comparison! Otherwise, New Jersey and Philly have a lot of climate similarities, with New Jersey being only a few degrees cooler on average.

Enjoy a lower cost of living in Philly

Philly is chock-full of affordable places to live, especially when compared with home prices in New Jersey, making the move from New Jersey to Philly a hugely economical one. The median home cost is over 200% more in New Jersey; by moving to Philly, you’ll enjoy some of the more affordable property rates along the East Coast. The other biggest change you might notice is that Philly is absolutely packed with people compared to even the most populous city in New Jersey – 1.57 million Compared to Newark’s 318,000 – but it’s not called the City of Brotherly Love for nothing! The community feeling is strong all throughout Philly’s neighborhoods.

The Philly Neighborhood Perks

You won’t have to rely as much on having a car when you move to Philly either, as most neighborhoods are very walker and cyclist friendly or are otherwise supported by robust public transit options. In fact, parking can be a bit of a challenge in select neighborhoods and the downtown area, making leaving the car at home an even easier decision. While there’s nothing that can compare to New Jersey’s unique Pine Barrens, Philly does its part to supplement the cityscape with greenspace and Fairmount Park alone has over 4,100 acres that support a zoo, museums, athletic fields, nature trails, and more. You’ll find even more trails for walking and cycling along the Schuylkill River.

The Philly Neighborhood Scene

Philly is a culture and history rich city, and in many neighborhoods, you’ll find local dining options that are serious treasures. Whether you’re looking for a bustling craft beer or Italian food scene, Philly is sure to have something to excite you. There are also over 40 music venues scattered throughout the city that support music of all kinds, and you can enjoy easy access to both Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival and the Roots Picnic outdoor music festivals. Last but not least, Philly is a must-see city for fans of public art – don’t miss out on Keith Haring’s “We the Youth” or the augmented reality mural “Dreams, Diaspora, and Destiny!”

Get A Philly Neighborhood Overview

Philly is carved up into around 150 neighborhoods and 100 suburbs, so you’re sure to find one that has the exact cultural feel you’re looking for. By providing us with as much information as possible in your New Home Buyer form, we’ll be better able to connect you to areas that match your preferences. You’re also welcome to give us a call at (215) 360-3434 to discuss your relocation as well. No matter what you’re looking for in your new home, Philly is sure to have something that appeals to you, and South Philly Team is here to help you find your new home.


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