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Moving from Baltimore to Philly?

Making the jump from Baltimore to Philly is intimidating enough on its own – Philly has nearly triple the population! – without having to worry about finding the perfect new home amidst Philly’s sprawling network of neighborhoods. While you’re sure to enjoy the big city vibes and expanded opportunities Philly offers, first let South Philly Real Estate Team help you find a home in a neighborhood that’s the perfect complement for your lifestyle.

It's About Location

Philly enjoys a premium location on the East Coast, being only a two-hour drive from New York City, Washington, DC, Atlantic City, Baltimore itself, and Delaware for those who want to take advantage of some tax-free shopping. All these destinations and more are also available by bus or train, if you’d prefer to sit back and enjoy the scenic drive. If you find yourself missing the view of Baltimore Inner Harbor, many of Philly’s neighborhoods boast waterfront views and walkways along the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers. Philly is also only about 25 minutes away from the popular Bellmawr Lake in New Jersey, if you’d prefer a natural swimming hole. Philly and Baltimore have very similar climates, with Baltimore being about a degree hotter for both its summer highs and winter lows, and Philly being wetter on average, receiving around five inches more rain and less snow.

Enjoy an affordable lifestyle in Philly

Baltimore might enjoy a slightly lower cost of living, but Philly itself enjoys a reputation for being a big city that’s genuinely affordable. Because of its larger size, you’ll also find that residents enjoy expanded job opportunities as well, and the job market is only expanding as Philly grows and develops further. Part and parcel of the big city experience is the population – there’s no getting around it, Philly is home to over 1.57 million people, representing quite a jump up from Baltimore’s approximate 585,000. Don’t let the number fool you though! There’s a reason that Philly is called the City of Brotherly Love, and you’ll find many neighborhoods with a close community feel.

The Philly Neighborhood Perks

The Philly neighborhood perks Most of Philly’s various neighborhoods are accessible by foot or bike, meaning that amenities can be accessed without needing a car, and are also supplemented by a robust public transit system of bus and train routes. In some neighborhoods and in the downtown area parking can be a challenge, so leaving the car at home is often an easy choice to make. Many of Philly’s neighborhoods sport generous amounts of lush greenspace to give residents a break from the brick and mortar, and the largest of these is the mammoth Fairmount Park. At over 4,100 acres, you can find a zoo, museums, nature trails, athletic fields, playgrounds, and more housed on its grounds.

The Philly Neighborhood Scene

You’ll find a rich diversity of dining options in Philly. From craft beer to Italian to trendy vegan to Ethiopian fare and more – there’s truly something for everyone in Philly. The music scene is alive and well in Philly, with over 40 venues spread throughout its various neighborhoods and hosting two outdoor music festivals – Jay-Z’s Made in America and the Roots Picnic – you’ll find everything from jazz to orchestra within city limits. Like Baltimore, Philly is home to a thriving art scene. You won’t want to miss out on some of Philly’s most notable public art projects, like Keith Haring’s “We the Youth” or the 50 murals that make up Steve Powers’ “A Love Letter for You.”

Get A Philly Neighborhood Overview

Fill out our New Home Buyer form with as much detail as possible and South Philly Team will help you find a neighborhood that complements your lifestyle. We’re also available to discuss what you’re looking for in a new home and community by phone at (215) 360-3434. South Philly Team is here to help make finding a home in a neighborhood you love the easiest part of your relocation.


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