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Land Listing and Development Opportunity - 2309 Moore St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Looking to buy, sell, invest or rent in Point Breeze? Please call South Philly Vinny at 215-360-3434

This is an amazing investment opportunity in a great location. With a substantial projected rental income and a high cap rate, you can expect significant returns. Furthermore, the use case on the block creates a legitimate opportunity argument to receive community and ZBA support!

Let’s look at some facts and figures:

-Projected Gross Rent: $90,360 annually

-Potential Approval for a Four Unit Dwelling

-3 bed/2bath counts on 4 floors + Egress Basement

-Potential 2 car parking in the back

-The block is on the come up

Once complete, the building would make a great addition to a portfolio.

Estimated Costs:

-$145,000 Purchase & Projected $800,000 Construction = $945,000

-80% LTV of $945,000 = $756,000

-Loan Amount = $756,000

-Interest Only Payments 1.5 Yrs = $5,700

-Principal & Interest Payment After = $6,300

-5 Year Loan Term with 25 Year Amortization at 9%

-Loan is 3.5 years of Principal and Interest

Please reach out for a Proforma

Vinny Fracassi aka South Philly Vinny

Keller Williams Empower | My Philly Cassell

215-360-3434 (cell)


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