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Bella Vista Real Estate

Where History Meets Today

Looking to buy a house in Bella Vista? We’ve got you covered. A neighborhood this rich in history and culture comes with a wide variety of unique properties to match. We have put together this neighborhood guide to give you the Keller Williams Real Estate Bella Vista Inside Look into the South Philly property search: Bella Vista.

Buy or Sell a Home in Bella Vista, Philadelphia

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A Diverse and Dynamic Picture of Bella Vista Philadelphia

“Beautiful sight,” a direct translation of Bella Vista, is just the beginning when it comes to describing this historic neighborhood. It was the first Philly neighborhood to be settled by Italian immigrants, and both the buildings and strong sense of community that originated with it have survived and thrived throughout modern times.


The famous 9th Street Italian Market, one of the oldest operational open-air markets in the United States, is a testament to the vibrant amalgamation of cultures that find their home here.

Want to enjoy the excitement of Center City and South Street without all the hustle and bustle? Bella Vista’s family-focused and relaxed atmosphere allows residents to partake in the city scene while still having a comfortable and more mellow neighborhood to return to in no time at all. With community events, plenty of locally-owned restaurants and bars, unique street vendors, and quaint coffee shops along tree-lined streets, Bella Vista offers a little bit of everything you could want from South Philly. The beautiful homes are the cherry on top of this all-you-can-eat buffet of a neighborhood.


Find it in Bella Vista

Aside from the stunning buildings themselves, perhaps the most obvious historical details in Bella Vista are the bronze plaque markers located throughout the neighborhood. They commemorate important people, events, and landmarks throughout the area, like the South 9th Street Curb Market or the Christian Street Hospital.


They are just another visual demonstration of Bella Vista’s lasting and fascinating history and culture. Other representations of Bella Vista’s rich culture include the Italian Market Festival, the Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, and the Night Market.

Zoom in on Bella Vista

Bella Vista has always been a place that prides itself on its devotion to education. There are several schools and libraries located here that prove this point, like the Andrew Jackson School and the Santore Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. 


Bella Vista is an easy place to walk or bike around. There are also different public transportation options throughout the area, including buses and SEPTA lines.


In another effort to break up the neverending brick-and-mortar of the city, there are plenty of well-maintained parks throughout Bella Vista that offer a chance to escape to some greenery. Many of these parks offer public events like concerts, yoga, and outdoor movies, and there is also a community garden located at 10th and Kimball Streets.


Bella Vista Real Estate Market Snapshot

Our Keller Williams realtors in Bella Vista are ready to provide you with more information about the South Philly homes for sale in Bella Vista right now! Connect with us via our website or give us a call today.

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